Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about operating our business in a manner that respects and protects our climate and natural resources.

Our commitment to our country

As one of the leading manufacturers of medicines in Australia, we have a responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to preserving our natural environment. We have a track record of success and are proud of our award-winning commitment to environmental initiatives and sustainability.

In 2010, we received a 10-year Green Globe sustainability certificate from the New South Wales Government. In 2011, we were recognised as a bronze member in the New South Wales Government's Sustainability Advantage program. Our manufacturing facility was also recognised by the New South Wales Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, as winner of the 10 year Sustainability Achievement Award for outstanding long-term commitment to environment excellence.

We have our own environmental sustainability steering group that develops and oversees actions designed to reduce our environmental footprint. Our 2017 – 2026 SHE Strategy, is delivering on our fair share to actively reduce our CO2 intensity by achieving our Global and Regional targets. We have been working hard to reduce our energy consumption with the installation of solar panels, and minimising water use, with savings of up to 25% over previous years. External audits have been undertaken with a view to minimising the generation of waste.

In our manufacturing plant, we have been actively exploring ways to reduce our packaging and increase opportunities for the re-use and recycling of pre-consumer packaging. AstraZeneca is an active member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).

View AstraZeneca Australia's Emergency Incident Repsonse Procedure (PDF 42kb)