Research and Development

Clinical Research in Australia

In partnership with doctors in Australia we focus our skills and resources on getting life-changing medicines to patients as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. We are currently conducting research to develop new medicines in the following disease areas:



The clinical research we conduct spans across all the phases that a new medicine has to go through before it can be made available.

We also support academic investigators in their own research endeavours and collaborate and advocate with government to make sure that research policy helps bring further research into Australia.

Key links & contact details:

  • If you are interested in participating in a trial as a patient please contact us on our Medical Information Line on 1800 805 342.
  • AstraZeneca also has a public website for Investigators. Select the 'Becoming an Investigator' section for related information including Good Clinical Practice training. 

Externally Sponsored Research

Externally Sponsored Research (ESR) is research that is initiated and managed by a Non-Company Researcher who assumes the legal and regulatory responsibility for the conduct and management of the research as defined by applicable regulations and laws of the country involved.

AstraZeneca currently support the following types of externally sponsored scientific research proposals:

  • Interventional Clinical Research (Phase I - IV) - Clinical, Observational Research, and/or Methodology research involving authorized, unauthorized or discontinued Company compounds no longer being developed.
  • Observational Research (i.e., Real World Evidence - RWE) - the product of interventional or non-interventional research, utilising data collected through observation of current clinical practice and/or patient reported experience.
  • Non-Clinical Research (pre-clinical research) - in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo biomedical research not performed on human subjects such as: pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, animal, microbiologic, human biological samples (biomarker, diagnostic assay).


Ready to submit a research proposal?

Login and complete the ESR submission form on our submission tool - Evidence Connect (EC). Please note, submissions may require the following:

  • A current CV - updated within the last two years
  • Funding budget plan, if financial support requested
  • Additional supporting documentation, if required

For more information about the submission process and how to use the system please see the Evidence Connect (EC) Training Centre.
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