Australian production of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, Vaxzevria, to continue into 2022

AstraZeneca remains committed to fulfilling our contractual agreements to supply 53.8 million doses of Vaxzevria, with the majority manufactured locally at CSL facilities in Melbourne.

In line with this agreement, the production of the CSL-made vaccines will continue into 2022.

AstraZeneca remains committed to addressing the current global health emergency posed by COVID-19 by providing broad and equitable access to our vaccine at no profit during the pandemic period. In Australia, we are committed to supporting the Government’s vaccination rollout strategy to protect Australians and our Pacific neighbours from the virus.

Vaxzevria continues to play a critical role in helping to protect people from severe disease, hospitalisation and death from COVID-19 in more than 170 countries, with around 200 million doses being produced each month and more than 1.2 billion doses supplied globally to date. More than 12 million doses have so far been administered in Australia.  

AU-11986 | Prepared October 2021