Mark Fladrich

Managing Director - AstraZeneca Australia & New Zealand

 Mark Fladrich

“What keeps me coming into work is knowing that every single day we connect with millions of ordinary Australians whose lives are made better by the fact that they're taking one of our medicines. It’s a connection with people that many businesses want but just don't have and I feel privileged to be part of that.”

Mark Fladrich is the new Managing Director for AstraZeneca Australia and New Zealand reporting to Mark Mallon. Mark has been Vice President in the Global Marketing and Sales Organisation (GMSO) leading the Commercial Excellence Organisation. Mark played a key role in shaping the formation of GMSO and impressively led the acceleration of the transformation of our commercial capabilities within the regions and markets with a specific focus on the roll out of Payer, New Channels and the Launch of the AZ Way of Marketing. Prior to this, Mark led the Global Brands Team within the Global Marketing Organisation from 2008. Accomplishments during this time include commercialising several brands such as BRILINTA (ticagrelor) as well as the launch of important lifecycle opportunities including the new indication for CRESTOR (rosuvastatin).

Prior to joining Global Marketing, Mark was Marketing Company President of AZ Germany. In this role, he successfully led the German Marketing Company through a significant change process in the face of significant environmental changes.

Prior to this, Mark was Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Organisation within the International Sales and Marketing Organisation (ISMO). Mark joined ISMO Sales and Marketing following senior roles in the Australian Marketing company. Prior to joining AZ in 2003, Mark held senior roles at Allergan and Faulding Pharmaceuticals in Australia.

Over the last 8½ years, Mark has built strong relationships at a global, regional and marketing company level as well as within R&D. He has fostered and developed talent and facilitated many talent moves both internationally and cross-functionally. Mark has a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (University of South Australia) and an MBA (Macquarie University, Sydney).