High blood pressure

Elevated blood pressure, or hypertension, affects more than 1 in 4 adult Australians every year, with half remaining untreated.

As a person with high blood pressure does not usually have symptoms, it is usually diagnosed through a health check or physical examination.

High blood pressure is often caused by a combination of risk factors such as family history, age, and/or life style factors (for example, smoking, obesity, too much alcohol and/or lack of exercise) with no single known cause. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, a stroke, heart failure or kidney disease.

How can hypertension be treated?

Your life style is important in helping you control your blood pressure so eating healthy, maintaining a healthy body weight, quitting smoking and exercising regularly are important. Speak to your doctor and/or a dietitian if you need assistance in changing to a healthier lifestyle. Many people with high blood pressure, however, will need to take medication daily in addition to life style modification. It is important to have your blood pressure checked regularly and follow your doctor’s advice.

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