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Supporting the community    

AstraZeneca’s medicines and the things we do touch peoples’ lives worldwide. With a global business comes global responsibility to the communities in which we operate. For us it’s not just a mantra; it’s a way of doing, thinking, feeling and acting.

At AstraZeneca Australia we consider our responsibility to the community as an integral part of all that we do and all that we are.

Supporting Young People

Globally, AstraZeneca has introduced a Young Health Programme to help vulnerable young people around the world understand and have a positive impact to tackle the health issues they face.

In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people have some of the worst health outcomes of any Australians and often face significant barriers in gaining access to education, employment and health services.

One of the major contributors to this for many young Indigenous Australians is gaining a drivers licence.

In 2012 we launched a three year partnership with The George Institute for Global Health, an Australian-based research institute committed to improving the health of millions of people worldwide through research. Together we created ‘Driving Change’ – The AstraZeneca Australia Young Health Programme - a unique initiative designed to assist young Indigenous Australians on their journey to getting a licence in three separate communities in New South Wales.Through support from the New South Wales Government, this community led initiative has now been extended to a further nine sites and aims to have a profound impact on the lives of young indigenous people and their families.

Driving Change aims to reduce the many and varied barriers young Aboriginal people face when trying to earn and maintain a licence. Through the leadership of a community based Indigenous driver licencing champion, young drivers are helped to navigate barriers such as obtaining a birth certificate, navigating the fines system, assistance when taking the learners test and access to a vehicle, through the programme

To date, over 600 young people are registered and benefiting from the programme. Over $60,000 has been raised as a result of employee fundraising efforts. More than 20 partner organisations have got involved in the development of the programme, including local businesses, community organisations and government. Together, we hope to have created a sustainable programme that will contribute significantly to reducing road fatalities and improve health outcomes for young indigenous Australians.

For more details on the Driving Change programme click here